Holt Games are treat finding games for pets. Multiple treats are hidden inside the game and your pet has to find them.

Holt Games are great for:
-Playing together with your pet
-Overcoming boredom
-Preventing brain aging
-Stimulating the instincts

And as a bonus, all Holt Games are made from natural materials.

Now available on Amazon for £34.95 + £10,00 delivery

A real brain teaser! The Tortuga is a good game for beginners. The principal is quite straight forward: slide the hexagon backwards and turn it. It is easier to turn other hexagons after the first treat is uncovered. The hardest part is uncovering the first one. Show your pet how to do the first step, and the rest will follow.
Suitable for: dog, cat, rabbit

Now available on Amazon for £34.95 + £10,00 delivery

    Vandaag zijn de eerste 3 spellen toegekomen en we hebben er al 2 getest. Ze zijn een succes. De kwaliteit is ook verrassend goed.

    thumb Jessica Eiji

    The games have a quality feel to them, both the materials and the attention to detail like rounded edges. My dogs absolutely loves the games and its great that the puzzles can be solved with paws as they are not big on using their mouth or snout. Highly recommended!

    thumb Patrik Durfors

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