About us

Holt Games is a family owned company with a passion for the relation between pet and boss. We find it important that every pet gets enough attention and mental challenge. We noticed that physical activity alone is not sufficient. Boredom increases, which may lead to harmful behaviour, such as destroying furniture. We started Holt Games to develop pet activity games, which give pets a mental challenge.

Pet activity games exist for a longer period of time, but the overall quality of existing games declined. Furthermore, most games are made of plastics or similar material. Our opinion is that products for pets should be closely related to nature, for both food and games. This is why we choose for natural materials of excellent quality.

Every pet has instincts, including yours. By stimulating the instincts and challenging the mental capacities of your pet, your pet will be less bored and you will form a stronger bond. You hide the treats in the game, which stimulates the food finding instinct of your pet, who will search for the treats. As you always play the game together, your pet will receive a satisfying amount of attention. As we like to say: playing together is twice the fun.Are you up for the challenge?

Our mission

Innovating and creative – Holt Games is founded by young people, full of new and fresh ideas to help you to mentally challenge your pet. By observing the natural movement and instincts of animals, we discover new ways to challenge your pet. This way we keep your pet mentally healthy.

Quality  – We think that materials used in products for animals should exist of as many natural materials as possible. Plastic may have a nice colour, but it is unnatural for you pet and less pleasant to work with. We only use high quality natural materials, for long lasting high quality games. By manually sanding and checking each game, we maintain a high quality of our pet activity games.  

Bonding – our mission is to improve the bond between you and your pet. Holt Games aims to enable quality time between you and your pet. Every pet wants treats and attention, and we combined this in our pet activity games. By offering multiple games, high quality and a sleek design, we give the both you and your pet an amazing experience. 


We chose the best materials to give you the best experience.

During the design process we make sure there are no loose parts, to prevent risk of accidental ingestion.

We use as many natural material as possible and do not add any additions, like paint or dye.